When you start, get off to a good start! That is our motto and that is why our start-up BARKI is focusing on sustainability. Our goal is to set up BARKI in a completely sustainable way. To achieve this, BARKI is currently focusing on 3 different aspects; Slow fashion, Zero waste and Low CO2 footprint.


Slow Fashion is about a conscious way of dealing with products. At BARKI we don't just look at the end product, but at the entire process. We focuss on how our products reaches the user and how you can recycle or re-use it in the future. Despite slow fashion being known for not being seasonal or trendy, BARKI designs timeless collections that respond to trends that last for several years with high-quality products.


To be completely Zero-waste, BARKI does not mass-produce. That is why we focus on the digital design of products, digital models and the Metaverse.This prevents mass prodcution and so less pollution. Limited production makes our collections exclusive and limited available. Left overs will be recycled or donated.


In order to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible, we ensure that the production of our products takes place as close to home as possible. Our products are mainly produced in Turkey, Morocco and Portugal. The final finishing takes place in the Netherlands. This ensures short transport distances and limited CO2 emissions.